10 Tips to Help Your Toddler Gain Weight

There are plenty of reasons why some children are underweight. Genetics, changes in growth, or sometimes an increase in height that precedes weight gain are some of the causes of an underweight toddler. Of course, there are a number of solutions to put an end to the mother’s dilemma. As a parent, you are bound to be concerned about your child’s eating habits and his growth and development. And chances are, you’re a tad anxious to know whether or not he is meeting his developmental milestones. Many toddlers are extremely fussy when it comes to eating healthy food, and an unbalanced diet leads to underweight toddlers. Watch this video for some highly effective tips for toddler weight gain.

If you’re looking for solutions to help toddler weight gain, try these weight gain ideas and foods for your underweight toddler for positive results. Take note: if you obsess over your own weight and keep counting those calories, your child will quickly pick up on this, which could easily affect his own eating pattern!

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