A WEEK OF VEGAN LUNCHES: 2$ Vegan Lunch Ideas for

A week in my lunches ! I show you what I ate (almost) every day of this week. Everything is vegan of course and every portion is between 2$ and 3$ SO SO cheap but still so so tasty! I hope this gives you some ideas for some quick, easy and cheap lunch that you can do as college students!

TUESDAY: ceasar salad
-chop some romaine hearts
-add in some cherry tomatoes and sliced red onions (optionnal)
-cut half a block of tofu into 3 slabs
-coat and press those slab with the breadcrumb mixture (breadcrumbs +olive oil +italian seasonnnings)
-pan fry the slabs in some canola oil until nice and brown. Let rest for a few minutes and cut the slabs crosswise
-toss the shredded salad with the tofu pieces and some dressing (I use the Earth’s Island Ceasar)
-add in some nooch if you feel like it !

WEDNESDAY: veggie stir fry
-cook some jasmine rice, set aside
-dice some onions, bell peppers, mushrooms (or any other veggie you have laying around) and cube up some tofu
-pan fry that vegetable medley in some coconut oil until nice and brown
-toss in some soy sauce towards the end and let reduce (about 1-3 minutes)
-serve with the rice and enjoy!!

THURSDAY: lentil bolognaise with fettucine
-ccok some fettucine according to package instructions
-panfry some onions, mushromms in some olive oil
-season to your liking (salt,pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, italian spices)
-add in a can of whole tomates and add in the lentils
-let simmer for 10-15 minutes and ajust seasonning
-serve with the pasta and enjoyyy

FRIDAY: falafel bowl
-prepare the falafel mixture (I use a box falafel mix and add in some water)
-bake at 425 for 10-15 minutes, Set aside
-cook your couscous simultaneously (hot water with couscous and let stand)
-make a quick taboulé by mixing chopped parsley and olive oil with your couscous
-place ‘taboulé’ in bottom of a bowl, add in some chopped tomatoes, and chopped carrots (and any other vegetable you fancy!)
-add in your falafels as well
-drizzle a little bit (ALOT) of tahini and ENJOY!

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veggiesonpennies is a broke girl’s guide to balanced veg eating. On this channel, I share healthy (and indulgent), tasty and cheap vegan recipes. Most of these recipes will also be dorm-friendly meaning minimal ingredients and minimal appliances. I’m all about simple but yummy food so I want my channel to reflect that as well!

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