Best Vegan Food in the Bay Area

We spent a couple weeks eating our way through the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Sonoma, Berkeley, and Silicon Valley. Check out the vegan food tour we did including 10 of our favorite spots!

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Vegan Picnic
0:54 Enjoy Vegetarian
1:55 Nick’s on Grand
3:45 Enssaro Ethiopian
4:07 Vegan Mob
5:51 The Butcher’s Son
8:03 Buck’s Restaurant
8:33 Delhi Belly
9:33 Amy’s Drive Thru
9:47 Ike’s Sandwiches
10:39 Bloopers

We are Hayden and Aaron Hall, also known as the Vegan Voyagers, and we sold everything we owned to search for the best vegan food in every country around the world! We release a new video every Sunday which includes vegan food tours and travel vlogs. Hit subscribe so you don’t miss any of our crazy adventures.

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