I finally managed to find Vegan Bento box in Tokyo! Eating Bento on the Shinkansen is a bit of a tradition in Japan. There are many exciting and beautiful Bento varieties to pick up at Tokyo Station and now with the addition of the Vegan alternative, there is something for everyone!

I found out about Vegan Bento at Tokyo Station (and many other vegan food alternatives) from the Japan Vege Project and Happy Cow. They make it really clear where to find Vegan bento and other vegan and vegetarian food in Japan!

Happy Cow for Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant/cafes/etc in Tokyo, Kyoto and the rest of Japan: https://www.happycow.net
I highly recommend downloading the Happy Cow app so you can find vegan places to eat in Tokyo/Kyoto on the go!

Find Tokyo and Kyoto Vege Maps here: https://vegeproject.org/en/

I always book through Booking.com and you are welcome to use my code to get £15 off your first booking: 7C486051

This code also lets me get £15 off my future bookings and it is not an affiliate code! It is a win win for both of us 🙂

We stayed in First Cabin Hotel in Arashiyama. This is a capsule hotel offering larger luxury capsules some of which are walk in capsules. We stayed in a walk in “First Class” capsule. I have previously stayed in the “Business Class” capsule and they are just as comfortable! This hotel could be a great choice for someone who is a little apprehensive about space. Just make sure to pick the bigger room and you will get a luxury capsule experience!

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I am not affiliated with any of the organisations mentioned, I just really struggled to eat vegetarian when I first arrived in Japan and Happy Cow and Vege Project really helped me out. I want everyone to experience all the amazing vegan and vegetarian food that Japan has to offer! There are a lot of options!

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