Super Cheap Raw Vegan Shopping Haul + Fresh Produce Tips

John from http://www.okraw.com/ shares with you his latest super cheap Raw Vegan Grocery Shopping haul of fresh fruits and vegetables from the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Terminal.

You will discover how he purchases organic produce for a fraction of retail prices and gets some amazing deals on fresh fruits and vegetables.

In this episode, John shares with you latest Los Angeles Wholesale Produce terminal and wholesale vegetable plant shopping haul from CPG Plant Nursery in Norwalk, California.

First, you will discover how John packs a car full of fruits and vegetables and plants to haul the maximum amount of produce so he can eat fruits and vegetables for the next month for super cheap.

You will learn some of the specific fruits and vegetables John chooses to purchase because they are more nutritious and how cheap he is able to score some of this organic produce.

You will discover all the amazing mostly organic fruit and vegetables John will be eating for the next month, as well as learn what vegetables he will be growing in his garden this season.

You will learn why John purchases small amounts of non-organic produce and if you should eat nonorganic produce.

Along the way, you will learn how John will be eating the produce as well as his hints and tips regarding fresh produce.

John will also share why he chooses to purchase some of his produce at the local farmers market and why it’s not always the best to purchase produce at the Wholesale produce terminal.

You will also discover the few non-produce items John purchased and why.

Finally, John will compare Conventional Amanda Panda Mangoes to Purity Organic Mangoes so you can learn if Organic or Conventional produce is better to buy. You will discover John’s views on the conventional vs organic produce debate, learning if organic or conventional produce is more nutritious, tastes better and which one has a higher Brix value.

After watching this episode you will learn how inexpensive organic produce can be if you purchase it at the wholesale produce terminal as well as many tips about selecting and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

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