The Perfect Vegan Thanksgiving Menu 2021

Today we are sharing our Vegan Thanksgiving Menu with you!

We have a main, 3 sides + a bread option and dessert! You are going to love this, but we have even more recipes for you to explore too!

We walk you through some key steps in making each dish and also why you should make it yourself!

Link for all the recipes: https://makeitdairyfree.com/the-best-vegan-thanksgiving-recipes/

Our Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6-O0Z8RVxh2vKJ6X8TAzrEHiKQ4h5mkO

Important Times:
00:00 Vegan Thanksgiving Menu 2021
02:47 Don’t Overcomplicate Vegan Holiday Menus
06:50 Ask Your Host To Make Small Changes
08:43 Don’t Worry About Appetizers
09:25 Vegan Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas
10:29 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish Hack
12:30 Think Outside The Box For Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish
13:43 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish Ideas
14:50 Vegan Honey Garlic Tofu Recipe
15:38 Vegan Side Dish Ideas
16:55 Vegan Glazed Carrots Recipe
17:26 Easy Vegan Bread Ideas
18:45 Make Vegan Dessert Ahead of Time
19:26 Vegan Thanksgiving Pie Ideas
19:52 Vegan Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas
21:20 Splurge on a Vegan Restaurant
22:22 Know That Vegan Holidays Get Easier
23:22 Prep Everything Ahead

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