Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu Recipe | How to Make Tiramisu | Indian Vegetarian Eggless Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu – Total Desi Jugad

This is NOT an authentic Tiramisu; but have conceptualized it given the lockdown phase causing limited supplies of ingredients and expensive bakeries & cafes where many people may find Tiramisu too expensive to buy. Also the actual finger biscuits are not available in most parts of Asia even today. And my apologies to Italian friends, this is not to downgrade the authentic Tiramisu but to rather is a tribute to my love for Italian food; causing me to create an Indian version.

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Ingredients :
1ltr milk
1pcs lemon
1 tbs oil(optional)
2 tbs powder sugar
Vanilla essence(optional)
1 cup whipped cream/fresh cream 200 grm
1.5 tbsp coffee
Plain Rusks (look for ones without cardamom or souf)
A small chocolate slab(grated chocolate)
Some cocoa powder/drinking chocolate
Rum (if making for adults, else avoid)

Method –

To make cream cheese :
Pour 1 ltr milk in a pan and bring it to a gentle boil
Keep adding 1pcs lemon juice(diluted with same amount of water)until the milk cracks.
Now take the mixture into a muslin/clean cloth and squeeze off the excess water from the cloth.
Take out the paneer in a chopper jar/mixer jar and grind it well to make it smooth.
Add 1 tbs oil(optional for smooth texture)
Add a pinch of salt.
Add some leftover water(from paneer) to the jar and mix it well to get a creamy consistency.
Add 2 tbs powder sugar and again mix it well(can add vanilla essence – optional)
Pour some cream cheese in a mixing bowl.
Add 1 cup of whipped cream/fresh cream 200 grm, mix it well.

To set Tiramisu :
Take some plain toasts/rusks in a flat bowl(with no elaichi flavour)
Pour some diluted coffee on it.(1.5 tbsp coffee with 1/4th cup of lukewarm water)
(You can also add some rum to make it boozy – optional)
Add a thick layer of cream cheese on the toasts/rusks.
Put some grated chocolate over it(optional)
Then add a second layer of toasts/rusk on it and follow the same procedure above.
Pour some drops of remaining whipped cream and cream cheese on it.(with the help of a piping bag)
Dust some cocoa powder on it/a layer of drinking chocolate(if you want to avoid bitterness of coffee)
Keep the bowl in refrigerator for four hours to set it well.
And then your Jugadu Home Made Tiramisu is ready, Serve it chilled.

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